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17 Chardonnay           $20 

18 Chardonnay.           $20

17 Albarino                  $20 

Syrah Rose                 $20         

16 Merlot                     $26             ​  

PM Good Times          $28 SOLD OUT

RED                             $28                   

15 Reserve 

Cabernet Sauvignon  $32

16 Reserve 

Cabernet Sauvignon.    $32


Spencer Shirey Wines “Copper Club


“Copper Club” is the wine club that allows you personal choice and freedom of when and what to buy.  It is for the person who wants to pick out their own wines and decides when is the best time to buy them.    To join the “Copper Club” you select any six (6)bottles of your choice and you will get a full 20% discount off the price today! That's it - and you are now a member.  For the following 12months - you will receive 10% off any additional wine purchases that you make and 20% off all case purchases.  You are also invited to our annual "Copper Clubber Party" where we thank you for your support!  Once a Member - you simply buy the wine as you want it, one or more bottles at a time AND as long as you buy at least six bottles every 12 months - your membership stays active.  Of course, you may cancel your membership at any time with no further obligation. 

What is included:

** 20% discount on case purchases 

** 10% discount on purchases less than a case

** Free wine tasting for you and a guest 

** Special event discounts 

**Exclusive invitations to winery events